Current group

Phillip Grote (PhD) – Group leader
Tamer Ali (rer.nat.) – Postdoc
Nicole Schlüßler (M.Sc.) – PhD student
Tatiana Zografaki (M.Sc.) – PhD student
Nina Wenzlitschke  – Technician
Peggy Schuster– Technician


Former group members (Frankfurt)

Adriana Contreras (PhD) – Visiting Postdoc
Maria-Theodora Melissari (M.Sc.) – Scientist
Melanie Becker – Technician
Nalan Tetik (M.Sc.) – Masters student

Former group members (Berlin)

Arica Beisaw (PhD) – PhD student
Benedikt Schwartz (PhD) – PhD student
Sandra Piehl – Technician
Anna Senft (M.Sc.) – Masters student
Marina Knauf (Dipl) – Diploma student
Lisette Lange (M.Sc.) – Masters student


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